Monday, February 23, 2004

Mondays Suck. I had all intention of starting out this entry with highlights of the past few days. But I just have to vent about today. Today at work, everything just went awry in terms of my morning calendar. At work, Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days –we have calendar call in which we have new cases to be arraigned. Usually, we get the files on Friday complete with discovery (documents to be turned over to the defense), or Monday morning. Today, all my files were missing discovery; our calendar was all screwed up in that we were missing pages; and we were missing files period. I must say, it’s a bitch to trek back and forth from the courtroom to the office to try to find all this missing shit. In writing, it doesn’t sounds as hectic, but believe me, it was. The judge would call out a defendant’s name, and I would be like who? –because he wasn’t on my calendar! It just sucked. In addition, I had a bunch of messages from people who I can’t really help out because they talk about things I have no control over; I had a probable cause hearing that I blew because apparently I didn’t know how to argue one; I had to be in front of 2 judges at the same time; I got lectured on by people from because of the missing discovery and files…yadda yadda yadda. Basically, what could go wrong, did go wrong today.

Stowe, VT. Went for a short holiday from Thursday night to Sunday night. Fabulous snow! Great riding experiences. We went with Mark’s co-worker and 9 of his friends. We stayed at the Commodore’s Inn where there was some sort of International Academy Trip going on with a whole slew of Brits! So you can just imagine my delight listening to their accents over breakfast! A lot of the skiers/riders up in Stowe were actually European, so it was a cool experience for me. The only thing that I was a bit peeved about was that I didn’t ride as hard as the others. I think my riding skills have gone down. The hubs is faster than me, and a few of his co-workers were just plain excellent! Zoomed down the mountain at break-neck speed. I mean, I wasn’t that far behind, and I can physically go as fast at the others –I’m just scared of doing that! I think this weekend, I’ll work on my speed.

More later…time to leave work and hit the gym…

Okay...just wanted to give a shout-out to my friend Karen: Happy 28th Birthday!
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