Friday, January 23, 2004

Random Blurbs…

Damn I’m Poor! I was watching VH1’s: The Fabulous Life of Super Spenders yesterday, and I can’t help but think just how poor I am…well compared to them anyway. They featured the usual celebs, then Oprah, Bill Gates, etc… Did you know that if Bill Gates spent $1,000 a minute for the next 85 years, he would still have more money than J.Lo, P. Diddy, Oprah, the Hilton sisters, and Seinfeld combined?? Sheesh… he could fund a small country. Or feed a lot of starving people in war-torn and developing countries (as well, he should!). It would be so amazing to be able to drop $50K in less than an hour buying Dior couture. Or fly 20 friends to the Seychelles just because you wanted to. Or absolve your family of their debts because you felt like it. Heck, I’m not even aiming for owning 10 custom-made luxury vehicles, a 15-person entourage, or owning a $15-million dollar home. I just want to be comfortable and debt-free! Well, I got over the show because I know that shit is just too fantastical to dream about. Alas, I was just reminded again today of how poor I am when I got my paycheck this morning and realized they started taking off my pension payments…

Ode to Food. I just want to give a shout-out to Popeye’s Fried Chicken. Their chicken and Cajun rice is on my Top 10 food list…up there with Outback’s baby-back ribs, my mom’s cooking, Friendly’s Colossal Hamburgers, and pan-seared foie gras.

And while I'm at it... I want arms like Jennifer Aniston’s. I want to be buffed like Jennifer Garner. I want to see Girl With a Pearl Earring. I want to meet Orlando Bloom (while he's wearing his Legolas costume). I want a personal trainer. I want a Mini-Cooper. I want to travel without having to think about money. I want a pet kitty without the hubs wheezing. I want a walk-in closet that will never ever get messy. I want to be able to do a 360 in the air and land safely in one piece. Damn...I want a lot things. (Disclaimer: Even I do want a gazillion things in life, I also like what I have now.)
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