Tuesday, January 6, 2004

More "Firsts"....

First Trial of the Year = First Loss of the Year: I had this trial yesterday where I really wanted to "win." (Yes, I know it's not about winning --it's really whether the defendant is found guilty or not). Anyway, my biggest hurdle was getting a document into evidence despite it not being properly "authenticated." Anyway, I researched the issue thoroughly, came up with case law where similar documents were entered into evidence, argued, and lo and behold, the judge allowed it in. I thought all was well. Apparently, I had made a DUMB-ASS mistake. In my focus on getting this particular document in, I had totally taken for granted another document which I entered into evidence quite easily. It turns out, this other document was copied wrong and the last page of it (where the defendant's signature was) was totally different from my original copy. I had totally missed this error. The one that the judge looked at had NO signature on it, and the one in my file HAD a signature on it. The judge could only base his/her decision on the documents entered into evidence --and because the one in front of her had NO signature, the judge decided that the absence of usch a signature meant that the defendant never got notice of it and therefore couldn't have known about it. ARGHHHHH....It's hard to put in words my frustration with this whole trial. It sucks that this is my 3rd complete trial ever (5th if you count 2 that are pending) and the people I'm supposed to help get the brunt of my inexperience. I could've had a conviction for my victim but for my dumb mistake! In addition, the defendant was represented by this attorney who I don't care for because he made a dumb remark to me the first time we met...mainly, he asked me "Excuse me, but are you even an attorney?" Well, with the loss of trial on a technicality (which he probably gloated on and on about afterwards), I certainly don't feel like one! Shite...that was such a bad day....

First Day Back in the Gym. I went yesterday after work even thought I felt like crap because of work. I figured I could take my frustatrations out onto the treadmill or elliptical. I don't know what I was expecting but the gym was uneventful. I think I was expecting some sort of grand-prize or confetti thrown at me. Instead, I got to circle around the gym parking lot like 10 times for a spot because everyone and their mother had the same resolution to go back to the gym along with me. I predict more spot opening up in about 2 weeks. What I don't get is that when I did get there yesterday, which was at 5:45 pm, the gym was packed! I mean, do most of the people there work extremely light hours or don't work at all that they can get there before 5:30 pm?! In any case, I did some all around light training to get back into the swing of things. Let me just say, you know you're in bad shape when the 10-pound hand weights felt really heavy after only 10 reps.

First Celebrity Sighting of the Year. I have to write about this one because it actually made me feel better. Okay, following the wake of my defeat in court and after spending 1.5 hours in the gym, I stopped by a bakery in Fort Lee on the way home. Yes, bakery after the gym! But only to buy these low-fat coffee-jelly cups that I like (coffee-flavored jelly in a cup w/ Cool Whip on top. Don't knock it till you try it. My mom actually made them when I was little.) So I was at the counter and I notice this lady on my left who looked a lot like Foxy Brown (of Ill Nana fame). I look and look and finally I say, "Excuse me, are you Miss Foxy Brown?" (Yes, I said "Miss" like a dumb-ass; me being a dumb-ass seems to be the theme of this blog). She said yes, and then I immediately say "Oh I'm a big fan of yours" --which is really true. She said "Oh thank you!" and was actually very sweet. She then asked me what I was buying so I had to explain the coffee-jelly cups to her, and then she got one for herself. After that, I didn't know what else to say. I didn't want to bother her, but at the same time, she was right next to me. Finally, I just paid and then left. Once I got to the door however, she bursts out with a "Bye!" to me...which I thought was really cool and took to mean that I could've freaking talked to her some more if only I wasn't so chicken shit, yanno? I actually found her interesting as a person (listened to an interview she had with Wendy Williams) and she was really approachable, so who knows...had I carried the conversation I could've been best friends with her! Really. Or at least an acquaintance that she could invite to other people's parties...hehehe... But the moral of the story is: If I met Foxy Brown in Fort Lee of all places, there is always a chance of meeting some other celebrity in the most random of places. Like say, meeting Orlando Bloom in Jersey City! It can happen!!
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