Friday, January 2, 2004

First Blog of the New Year.

Some Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year:
1. Winning a trial this Monday, Jan. 5th. *cross fingers*knock on wood*pray*
2. Going riding with a bunch of friends! Let it snow, let in snow, let it snow!
3. Going to London in March! We'll have a brilliant time!
4. The hubs getting a new (and LOCAL) job that he'll be happy with.
5. Perhaps going to a new place I've never been for summer vacation (hopefully with other friends).
6. Our 3-year wedding anniversary.
7. Getting the upstairs bathroom fixed up.
8. Spring. Summer. Autumn.
9. Throwing a HUGE-ASS Housewarming BBQ and invite all our friends over.
10. Seeing some friends I haven't seen in ages.
11. Getting the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King on Extended DVD version.
12. Learning where I'll be re-assigned at work come September/October.
13. Becoming a more seasoned trial attorney so that I actually know what I'm doing (or just act like it).
14. Taking off the 70's-style wallpaper in my kitchen.
15. Celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday!
16. Painting the dining room and kitchen.
17. Learning to surf this summer at my new friend's place down the Jersey Shore.
18. Being more toned and fit because I've been going to the gym.
19. Spending more time with the hubs.
20. Doing some things I've never done before.
21. Throwing my first dinner party at the house.
22. Turning 28 and not planning to throw a party for myself.
23. Surprises.

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