Monday, December 22, 2003

No work today! I got to work at around 8:40 am this morning, only to see a sign on the doors saying "Delayed 10 am Opening." Actually, I didn't see the sign and was trying to open the door anyway, until this officer yelled at me. So I stood around for a bit contemplating on what to do. I drank my coffee, sat on a ledge, and ate a bit of my bagel. Then 10 minutes after that, I already got restless and walked to the post office to warm up. I walked back out and finally saw some fellow co-workers. We then found our HR lady who then informed us that our office was closed and that we should go home. Wow! So it's like I played hooky today but not really. Heck, had I known, I could've slept in more. So today, I just chilled at home. So far, I have finished some chores (putting polyurethane on some moulding & putting clothes away), and then proceeded to watch almost 4 hours of Alias. Then in a bit, I'm going to have some dinner with a few friends I haven't seen in a while.

Alvin Ailey. Yesterday, I went to see an Alvin Ailey performance for the first time. I went to the 3 o'clock matinee show and it was really beautiful. Made me want to be a dancer for sure. Then my friend Julie pointed out that we couldn't do a lot of things anymore because we are too old. Which is also true. True in the sense that it's late to start to train and find work as a professional dancer. I could still dance of course, but not like those graceful, lithe dancers that we saw yesterday. There were 3 dance pieces and each one was very unique and truly inspired. Afterwards, my friend Chris and I walked around the upper west side just to window-shop.

Only 2 more days until Christmas Day! Wow, how time flies....
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