Monday, December 15, 2003

News from the West Coast. So my friend Karen’s mom didn’t come over yesterday as planned. She was supposed to stop by between 1-2 pm; there was a storm and all, but I didn’t hear from her until about 8:50 pm. So I called Karen after her mom called me to tell her that she couldn’t make it and that the package will be dropped off sometime this week. Karen & I got to talk over the phone for a while. Probably about 30 mins, which is good since I don’t usually hear from her on a regular basis. It’s pretty cool to just catch up with a good friend you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. I guess a lot of stuff has gone on since she moved back to Cali in 2001. Here’s a few updates since Karen’s been here:

1. Our friend Mike is now the toast of the town. I first met Mike in 1999. He was one of Karen’s friend’s roommates. So of course, Mike became one of the folks we hung out with on a regular basis. Now, about 4+ years later, Mike is Mr. Popular! He’s in everyone’s inner circle and I just think it’s cool that he’s a unifying factor with a lot of my friends.

2. Two of my buddies have gotten together. 2 of my law school friends have since become romantically involved and have been together since. It’s just a point of interest for Karen since I tried to hook up one of these 2 friends with one of Karen’s own friends.

3. I’m actually a practicing attorney now versus being just a law student. It’s been a long time! And contrary to what Karen thought, I do not make 6-figures! Ha! I wish! Imagine, a prosecutor getting 6-figures without working for 25 years?! Totally unheard of. Government jobs pay very little as most people know. We can, however, eventually make 6 figures or so if we have put in about 20+ years of our life –if we are lucky. The perks: super-great hours (9-5 pm); vacation days (20); sick days (10); personal (5); and court holidays (13). Oh yeah, we also have a good pension plan (or so I heard).

4. Karen’s mom is engaged! To an old high school sweetheart! How cute, no? This is why she’s here in NJ visiting…to see him! I think they’re getting married in June.

5. I heard from one of our junior high friends. Okay, back in our FOB-y, Virgil Junior High days, Karen and I hung out with 3 other good friends of ours. We called ourselves KKMSH. It turns out, our friend H (who I had a crush on back when I was 12) is a friend of one of my close friends. Ah…the wonders of Friendster! So I dropped him a line and found out that he’s in the Army now and lives in Virginia.

Anyway, it was just cool to hear from her. So Karen, when are you coming to visit?
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