Sunday, November 16, 2003

Winter Laziness. Sometimes, I feel like writing tons of material on this blog, but you know how you just get lazy and brush it off? Sometimes, just the whole prospect of trying to form coherent thoughts and typing them out into consecutive sentences is just plain taxing. So you know what, I won't bother organizing my thoughts and will just type whatever comes to me for the next 10 minutes. I think I'm being lazy since it's cold out and all I want to do is bury myself under a throw, wear sweats, and watch Alias on DVD. Man, I must say, that show rocks. Last week, after work, I watched the Alias Season 1, Disc 1 non-stop for 420 minutes. I think that was on Monday? Talk about being a couch potato! Otherwise though, there's really nothing going on that's new. But oh yes! I must tell you about my horrible day at work this past Friday when an attorney (my adversary on a case) condescendingly asked me "Excuse, but are you even an attorney? I mean, can you even appear in court?" I was bloody appalled! I mean, I introduced myself as being the attorney for the State, then proceeded to talk to him about the case! Who the hell was I supposed to be if I wasn't the attorney on the case? Secondly, he replies by questioning my capacity as counsel. Then thirdly, he smugly say "Oh sorry Claudia" even though I told him my name three times!! Bloody bastard. Okay, and that was the least of my problems. While we were in court on his case, I acted like a blabbering idiot, thereby reinforcing his notion that I must be some wanna-be attorney with an IQ of 10 who doesn't know what she's doing....Okay, okay...this is all coming out convoluted, and really, this should be on my work blog, but like I said, I'm lazy.... So here's my cringe-ingly embarassing tale:

Okay, after the introductions, we go in front of the judge (who is this fabulously wonderful, warm, and very patient lady). After stating our names for the record, the judge asks me "What is the state's position at this time?" Well I reply like an ass and say "Well your honor, we have extended an offer to the defense at this time, but he wants to like, make a motion to suppress evidence and I really don't know why, because...whatever." Yes, I trailed off just like that and said those words just like that. I mean, I sounded like a moron. The defense's whole issue was this e-mail that was entered into evidence, except that we were supposed to give him this evidence 2 weeks ago (as opposed to 2 days ago when he actually got it. So, he was moving to suppress the evidence for being late). I should've just let the judge finish talking and let it go. But no, I further dig my ass into a whole by saying "well your honor, to be fair, it's not like his client couldn't have printed out the e-mail himself. It would've made it much easier." Okay, the split second I said that, I realized the State had the Burden of Proof --which I DO KNOW, so I quickly added "I mean I know we have the burden of proof, but it just seems the attorney could've gotten the evidence if he really wanted it so bad." Not quite the best follow up argument. I'm just replaying the whole scene in my head and I can't believe I sounded like a freaking dunce!! Especially after that attorney already questioned me about being able to stand in court!! Argh...Perhaps I let my emotions get the best of me. In any case, I felt so incredibly low and I was just happy that it was over. Now, the case is set for trial on Dec. 5th and I'm so going to BRING IT in court!! Bloody embarassing. And now, since that happened, I'm so scared for Monday (yes, tomorrow) when I have my first trial. I'm so scared I'm make a fool of myself again! Argh. Do wish me luck!

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