Sunday, November 2, 2003

Halloween Hoopla. So this past Halloween went by smoothly. The hubs worked from home this past Friday while I actually went to work. So he was the one to give out the Halloween candy and got to see the kiddies in their costumes. By the time I actually came home ('round 6 pm), there was only one group of trick-or-treaters that I got to hand out candy to. Then that night, the hubs and I went to a friend (of a friend's) party at Kanvas. This was my get-up: an enormous afro, a shiny disco-ish black top w/ a fushia colored tube top underneath, three necklaces that were 70's-ish, flared jeans (couldn't find my bells!), a military jacket, and sunglasses. Okay, I was trying to look like Cleopatra Jones or Foxy Brown, but came off looking more like a Civil Rights activist. I must say, the 'fro is pretty versatile. Next year, I will definitely use it and either go as a sleazy disco man (as in that guy from the Simpsons who tried to seduce Marge) or Erykah Badu or even an old-skool basketball player.

The party itself was cool. We left the house at 9:55 pm and got to the party in less than 20 minutes. Absolutely no traffic on the West Side Highway (which was not what I expected). The party was not as crowded as I had expected it to be, and we basically chatted with friends that whole night. At some point, however, I had to take off the 'fro since the little booth we had just got so hot.

Wash and Learn. We tried out the washer today. It's actually spinning as I type. It's front-loading washer and the hubs and I spent about 15 minutes just staring at it. In particular, we were concerned that it wasn't lathering enough. But this is our test-run, so I guess if the clothes come out looking dirty, we could always do it again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY! Today is my little bro Mikey's 13th birthday. Wow. He is officially a teenager!! We're going over to have lunch with him today and celebrate.

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