Monday, October 6, 2003

Blessings. This past Saturday, we got our house blessed. We had a small party with only our families and the priest. We had a simple ceremony with a few prayers, and then the priest went around the house to bless each room with holy water. The priest explained that the blessing of the house should not be associated with driving away evil spirits. He explained that actually, the "house blessing ritual" is inherent in the Filipino culture (which is why I've never been to a non-Filipino house blessing) and is really more of a celebration of your good fortune. A house blessing is a way to recognize that you were "blessed" with the good fortune of owning a home and that you are sharing your good fortune with others.

I can't wait until the house is a bit more "presentable" so that we can throw a huge house-warming party and share our home with our friends. Everyone's been asking when we are going to throw one. Since we're working on improving the home in a room-by-room basis, the house still looks like we just moved in and there are boxes everywhere. So far, the nicest area is the living room because it looks most complete. I guess come next spring, it'll look much more fabulous. Sometimes, I feel like rushing it all, but then again, I realize I'll be living here for a while, and the house isn't going anywhere. It's a bloody bitch to try to make your house look like your home, I must say. There's also tons of money involved. Our next big priority projects are to fix up the bathrooms and buy a washer and dryer. What we'd like to do next year is to renovate the kitchen (which is the most dated part of the house --we're talking 70's-style wallpaper complete with a 50's-style avocado green oven) and replace all the windows. We'll see how it goes. But we are aiming for a big house-warming sometime next late spring/summer.

Lost in Translation. I dragged the hubs to see this movie this past Saturday. Big mistake as he was really bored with it, as was I. At least for me, even when a movie is not what I expected, I still pay attention. Anyway, I wanted to see this flick because it was Sofia Coppola's second film and I loved "The Virgin Suicides" (her first film, which incidentally, I was toying with the idea of writing a screenplay about when I read it in high school....*Sigh*). It's about 2 people who are both "lost" while staying in the same hotel in Japan. I can see why it's been receiving critical acclaim --fabulous cinematography; wonderful acting by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen; and great imagery. However, the movie went by sooo slowly. Crawled really. What I really didn't like about it either was the audience. The hubs and I were probably among the youngest viewers in the audience. About 85% of the audience looked to me like 50+ -year-olders who were predominantly Caucasian. They laughed and laughed and laughed when there were itneractions between Murray and the Japanese. Basically, they laughed because they thought the Japanese folks were funny. Really, it's not that funny. Basically, the film reduced its Japanese characters to these caricatures --and the audience, (being non-Asian, and not very cultured), thought the whole thing was supposed to be funny. For example, there is no dominant letter "R" in the Japanese alphabet --obviously, they won't be able to say it properly. So the audience laughed and laughed when this woman was saying "lip it" instead of "rip it" in one scene. Very frustrating. Still, the movie was done very well. Go watch the DVD.
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