Wednesday, September 3, 2003

It's been a bloody hell of a day! Well, the morning started off fine. I had some tasks to do before I left the house and I completed them: took off tape from walls; cleaned up a bit; took care of the garbage; & packed my suitcase. I left the house at 12:30 pm and then decided to treat myself to a nice lunch. I went to Toraya, this Japanese teahouse (previously mentioned sometime in my July blog) that Girlie frequents. After that, I planned on picking up my passport from the Philippine Consulate. Well I tried to park somewhere on the Upper East Side --to no avail. I found myself driving all the way down to Madison and 47th. I saw the Muni-Meter parking and put in $2 for 1-hour parking. Then I walked to the embassay at approximately 3:00 pm; picked up my passport with no hitch; then walked back to my car.

Given the boot! Lo and behold --some crazy asshole officer put a fucking boot on my car!!! Well I was cursing up a storm as I read the notice. Apparently, it's only "Commercial Vehicle Metered Vehicle Parking" only. My car is not commerical. So in order to remove the boot, I had to pay a whopping $185!! I had to go to 38th and 12th (where the NYC Parking Violations Dept. was located) within 2 hours of the boot; pay the darn thing; go back to my car; and then wait almost two hours for the stupid people to take it off. I got the boot at 3:13 pm (it said so on the notice); I paid by 4 pm and got back at 4:30 pm; but they didn't come to take it off until close to 6 pm. I was in a bad mood to say the least. When I got home to Queens, I was short with everyone (including my poor parents who didn't do anything) and didn't calm down until 8:30 or so....

*Sigh* Well at least I can look forward to going on a holiday tomorrow. I leave for Hong Kong at around 2 pm. I just hope I don't get stuck sitting next to some smelly-ass person or near a crying baby and/or kicking-the-back-of-your-seat kid. I will be on that plane for a good 14 hours or so! Oh...and I hope my dress is okay for the wedding. Since my cousin found out I was coming, he made me a reader at his wedding. Their color theme is lilac and I scoured the mall for a lilac dress. I bought one at bloomies --strapless paisley dress in lilac colors by Shoshanna. [It's the dress under "2003 Fall Preview", Page 2, lower left corner...and I plan on returning it by the way!] I could tell my mom didn't quite like it because she said "didn't you have a dress you wore for your senior formal that you could use for the wedding?" She's just concerned that it's not a full-on gown, nor is it a solid lilac color. Oh well. Try finding a lilac gown when the fall season collection's already out...

Man, I'm still pissed I had to shell out $185 for the fucking boot....Shite!
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