Tuesday, August 19, 2003

There goes my dream of being a pro-surfer! So the hubs and I went down to the Jersey shore this past Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. This is my second time ever to go down the shore. We stayed at the Sheraton in Atlantic City, and went to the beach in Ocean City (about 25 mins away) to try surfing. Ocean City is a picturesque, family-oriented sea-side town. We went there because the 7th Street Surf Shop offers surf lessons. Since I'm on a bad-luck streak (see previous blog), it turns out that the surfing lessons offered by the 7th Street Surf Shop were fully booked --almost always. They have a 9 am and a 12 pm lesson each day. Luckily, someone cancelled on the 12 noon lesson on Monday and I was able to squeeze in. But not the hubs. Anyway, learning to surf is a bitch, I must say. First of all, they give you a HUGE foam surf board to use with your lesson. We're talking twice your height (so I had about a 10-footer) and while it's made out of foam, it's not the lightest thing in the world. I got hit on my face with a flying surf board, and then got hit again on the top of my head with my bloody surf board!! Secondly, the water is cold, about 65 degrees. Your body will get used to it, but I was wearing a wetsuit similar to a sausage casing. For me, the hardest part is trying to get up. You really, really need to practice. Balancing on it is not that hard once you're up -you'll get the hang of it, no doubt. But just trying to stand on the bloody thing in the first place as you're timing it with the wave is very intricate. I did ride out a couple of waves, nothing spectacular though. I don't know what the hell I was thinking in expecting I'd be fabulous on it within an hour of learning. One plus, the surfing instructors were hotties! I will definitely invest more time in learning. Too bad this summer is shot. With the house thing (being busy w/ home improvements, still moving, etc.), coupled with the fact that the beach is at least 1.5 hours away, I won't have enough time to fully immerse myself in it.

All in all, it was a good break for the hubs and I. We needed a break from the stress. Tomorrow, I'll be dealing with the floor people again and try to negotiate repairs. If all goes well, I believe we'll be sleeping in our house this coming Saturday. We still have a LOT to do.

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