Friday, August 29, 2003

Random Updates:

1. Today is my last day here at my job as a Law Clerk (Bergen County Superior Court). So sad. I've met some really wonderful people along the way and made some really good friends. This clerkship was a bit like an extension of law school --but without the studying. Not only did I have a lot fun, but I've gained excellent experience. I miss definitely miss my fellow clerks.

2. Prosecution 101: Well I was supposed to start my new job as an Asst. Prosecutor on Sept 2. They are still doing my background check and there is no definitive date as to when that will be finished. As per the rules, I cannot start unless I am cleared --so they told me I may tentatively start on Sept 15 (barring any unforseen events). I'm a bit worried though...I have not even signed any papers (e.g., W-2's, benefit forms and the like)...

3. Unexpected Holiday! So since I will not be starting my job anytime soon, my mum has booked me on an impromptu trip to Hong Kong! How fabulous! My cousin Ryan is getting married on Sept 7 and I had not planned to go, but since I will be on holiday anyway, I decided to accompany my mum! I am looking forward to seeing all my aunts and cousins!! So excited!

4. Labor Day Labors: For this weekend, I believe the hubs and I will be doing actual manual labor. Yes, back to the grind of getting the house organized. We've been there for nearly a week now and we have yet to start unpacking. This weekend, we will be finishing the living room, perhaps the bathroom, sort out our clothing, and make really good head-way into settling in.

5. I'm off for drinks! Ta!
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