Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Not in the mood to write. Nothing's really going on. Still working on the house, still at work, still have not moved in. Last weekend, the hubs stripped paint of the banister and I ripped out all the moldings from the rooms in preparation for the floor sanding. I know, exciting! Did take a breather though and saw Bad Boys II. It was wholly entertaining. Will Smith has hot, Martin Lawrence was funny, and Gabrielle Union was spicy. I enjoyed it even though it was slightly over the top.
That's about it.

Random Things:
1) I have not been to the gym in 2 whole weeks. If I don't go this week, this will make it Week 3.
2) I bought more books from Amazon despite my "determination" not to.
3) A detective has been calling me this whole week about my background check. She's annoying me only because she's so repetitive and a bit gung-ho about her job. Excerpt from our conversation:
Her: I need a copy of your birth certificate.
Me: Okay, but I'll have to fax it to you tomorrow. I don't have a fax machine at the moment.
Her: Why? Aren't you going to work tomorrow?
Me: Yes, I'll be at work this whole week.
Her: Well, you can just fax it to me from work, right?
Me: Yes, I said I'll fax it to you tomorrow.
Her: I don't understand your problem. Why can't you just fax it to me tomorrow?
Me (in my head): Didn't I just fucking say that?!?!
4) I went to see the Manchester United v. Juventus game...and I loved it!! Let me just say, all the brits, irishmen, italians and other europeans all came out complete with their accents! And I liked the game too! Go Manchester! I lurve footbal!

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