Friday, August 15, 2003

My faith in humanity has been destroyed. Thanks to a company called George Palumbo & Sons, Inc. I hired them to do my floors (basically, just sand and coat w/ polyurethane) and they just plained ruined it! It's such shoddy craftsmanship that I would be appalled if my name was associated with it. But apparently, they don't care and keep saying that they are not responsible for the condition of the wood; there are dry spots that won't take the poly; etc...etc...Long story short: If they don't fix it, I will sue. Regardless, I hate them because they refuse to listen to me (and I don't yell on the phone or anything); they won't even let me finish a sentence and already they're jumping down my throat; obviously, their customer service sucks; and I don't even know if I can trust them to fix the problem (especially since they did such a shoddy job to begin with)! I feel so small, suckered, and very disappointed. And hey, I'm a bleeding heart liberal --it takes a lot for me to feel like my faith has been crushed because I always try to see things in a pro-defendant-ish, objective point of view. Sheesh. Can you tell I'm really peeved?

Random Things (Since I can't stay on long and write clearly):
1. Crazy blackout. Hope everyone is okay! My poor bro had to walk home (for 5 hrs!) from mid-town to Queens! But otherwise, we should all just deal with it, cope, and be thoughtful of one another.
2. Still have not been to the gym.
3. We moved in our stuff to our house. I believe we may start sleeping there tomorrow! (Update: we still haven't started sleeping there yet).
4. Haven't been on-line since Monday!
5. George Palumo & Sons, Inc. SUCKS.
6. I am missing peoples' BBQs, pool parties, family get-togethers and the like! Sorry! Believe me, I'd rather be chilling with you than sanding down a bathroom in 90-degree weather and getting dried glue dust in my eyes and mouth. (And yes, I am wearing protective gear).
7. I missed the PRADA sample sale!!
8. I am finally going surfing this Monday!!
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