Sunday, July 6, 2003

Playing hooky. So last Wednesday (July 2), I played hooky from work and met up with Girlie and Trish at Central Park. We met up as early in the morning as possible and camped out to line up for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park. This year's play, Henry V, is not quite as popular as other productions in the past, which is probably why we were about 30th in the queue. Last year, I remember lining up all the way down and came in, about 400th in the queue! But this year, we got tickets with excellent seats. We just sat, ate, read, and chatted until about 1 pm, when the actual tickets were handed out. After that, we roamed around the city and went shopping! We walked around the Upper East Side, a neighborhood I'm hardly ever in, and went inside posh shops such as Barney's, Gucci, and Prada. So for a brief moment, I forgot about debts and the house and all. When Prada goes half off, you take advantage, I must say!

Girlie also brought us to Toraya, a sweet little Japanese tea shop/cafe on Madison and 71st. Excellent food, and delicious iced matcha (think Green Tea Ice Cream still in tea form). Exhausted, we trudged back to Central Park for the play itself. Since we walked around so much that day, our legs were shot by the time we got back around 6:30 pm. We met up with Luke & Mark for the play. By then, we were so tired, that we could hardly keep our eyes open for the 3-hour + production! Trish actual nodded off for a bit during the play, and I kept putting eye drops for my drying contacts. Note to self: go home to rest before watching the play next time! We didn't get home until almost 1 am!

All in all, Henry V was very engaging. Liev Shreiber (playing the lead role) was excellent! And Bronson Pinchot (Ensign Pistol) was hilarious --he added a bit of Jersey mafia-ish humour to the whole thing. I especially liked the way they modernized the roles and some scenes. I thought it was clever of them to re-create scenes involving battle strategies and making them come to life as modern-day scenes involving executives in a power-point presentation meeting. It's a bit hard to describe, but hopefully you get the gist. Mark liked the nudity.

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