Monday, July 21, 2003

Labor of Love. So this past weekend, the hubs and I went over to our new home for some home improvement. Basically, we wanted to prep the living room and bedrooms so we could paint the walls and strip the carpets. It took us a good long day to take out the wallpaper on only one wall in the living room. We spent a couple of hours to take it off and scrape it. Then another hour or two to fully clean the wall of residue. The hubs also spackled cracks and holes in the wall, and did a lot of sanding. Yesterday, we left the house with it looking like we didn’t do a whole lot of work, even though we spent a lot of time and labor. The good thing with all of this though (aside from making the home a nicer place) is that there is no need to go the gym! Hahaha…

Tonight, we plan on priming the walls so we can start painting tomorrow. Man, I wish fixing up the house would be like the Sims game where you can just point and click and Presto! You got a brand new house, with brand new walls, new rooms, and new furniture!
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