Monday, June 16, 2003

Weekend happenings. The Mad Women went to Sol’s townhouse for dinner on Friday. It was a great evening. Good food, delicious dessert, and fabulous entertainment. We played this card game called “Pit” (in a nutshell, it’s a commodity trading game where you try to rack up points). It was just hilarious…see the five locas blog! Anyway, I didn’t get home till like midnight. Of course, I would’ve gotten home sooner if I didn’t get freaking lost driving home in the pouring rain…

Father’s Day. The family (Mark’s side) went to Churascarria Plataforma for a Father’s Day lunch on Sunday. These Brazilian joints are basically all you can eat-type deals where you have unlimited access to the salad bar, and then folks come to your table to serve you all types of grilled meats. It was very good and hearty. I made sure to pace myself and not eat like a puerco. People who are on Atkins should definitely go there. It’s all about the meat. However, the salad bar was very good too. I usually don’t like salad bars because the food is usually crappy and hastily prepared. However, their salad bar was very extensive and fresh –seafood paella, tons of fresh shrimp, salads, prosciutto, risotto, I can go on and on…. I’ll take my family there as well.

Vacation-planning. Mark & I want to go on vacation sometime in August. We were thinking of going to San Francisco and go sight-see, but now I feel like going to an island and just chilling. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of sun-bathing, but I just want to be pampered, drink a pina colada under a big umbrella, and eat lots of good island food. I would also like to learn how to surf. So it would be good to go to an island for that. The good thing about this vacation though, is that Mark has racked up tons of Starwood Points which means we can stay at a Starwood Hotel (e.g., The Sheraton, Westin) for free! On the list at moment: Cancun, Mexico; the Bahamas; and San Francisco or some other tropical isle. In any case, we can’t book anything until after the big closing day…Whoo-hoo!
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