Thursday, June 12, 2003

Played softball last night for the first time since 10th grade. It was pretty fun. The Bergen County Superior Courts Law Clerks (aka the “Bergen Bombers”) vs. The Bergen County Superior Court Judges. That’s right, us lowly law clerks against our bosses. Apparently, since the beginning of time, the judges have always won the game. So last night, we were determined to win. There was a bit of drama before the game though. First off, it was overcast and it looked like it was ready to pour any minute. Besides that, there was the issue of providing food for the judges and their families. Traditionally, the law clerks have shelled out cash to provide a feast for all the attendees after the game….one law clerk in particular, was handling all the food organization and made a big stink about not getting reimbursed. But in any case, at 5 pm last night, the sun shone and the game was on!

It was just funny to see the judges in casual attire. By casual, I’m talking jeans and shorts and sweats. My judge (who is Santa Claus-y in physique) was wearing a shirt and shorts, long athletic socks and kicks. It’s pretty amusing. Also, another criminal judge who was the pitcher for their team, had an entire baseball get-up –those tight pants, jersey, the whole nine. Us law clerks had matching jerseys too. Mine was swimming on me and almost hit my knees.

We had a great time. I went up to bat only once (after all, there was like 30+ law clerks and we can’t possibly all play) and made a good hit. Unfortunately, I hit the ball directly to a judge who was really good at softball and had a mean throw. Needless to say, he promptly caught it.

Well bottom line, the judges ruled again!! 14-11 was the score. But hey, we were close! And we would’ve won the game had the judges not been cheating. Talk about ethics! They had runners for them (e.g., my judge had another judge run for him because he had a bad back; another judge had his granddaughter run for him because he too old to run!). and the umpire made some blatantly wrong calls. It was a good game though!
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