Sunday, May 11, 2003

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all moms out there...We took my mom out to Benihana for lunch where we stuffed ourselves with food. For some reason, that always happens when we go there --even if I pace myself! Then we went for a quick visit to the Americana Manhasset Mall: an outdoor strip mall of high-end stores such as Barneys, Armani, Chanel, etc. No, I didn't get anything, though I asked my mom if she could buy me this cute pair of camel-colored Manolo Blahniks...*sigh* One day, I shall buy me a day!

Afterwards, the hubs and I went to MoMA to see the Picasso/Matisse exhibit with our friends Trish and Rol. It was extremely crowded and I had a hard time maneuvering around the paintings. Our tickets were for 3:30 pm and I was expecting a guided tour. It wasn't guided. Once you get in, you fend for yourself and try to view all the paintings and combat the crowd. The exhibit was fabulous despite the crowded atmosphere. I learned a lot about the two artists though I was glad to have some sort of background. (In high school, I had a really hip and wise art teacher who taught us a lot about artists and art movements. I miss her!) It was a great way to present Picasso and Matisse's art together.

Now I'm going to go sort out my clothes and see what I can pack for Miami!

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