Monday, May 19, 2003

Bienvenido a Miami…Adios a Miami: The trip was altogether very fun and relaxing. Here’s a nutshell version of what we did:

Wednesday: Trish and I flew in and arrived at 9 pm. Girlie, Sol, and my friend Christina arrived earlier than us. Went back to the condo, ate dinner and went to sleep.

Thursday: Mad scramble to get to Key Largo where we booked a snorkeling trip. Got there in the nick of time (boat was leaving the dock at 9 am. We got there at 8:55 am.)! Saw lots of cool fishes, the Jesus Christ underwater statue, had a nice picnic lunch. Then that night, we walked around Lincoln Road --a big strip of shops and restaurants much like the Third Street Promenade in L.A. Ate fabulous food at Sushi Samba…yum!!!

Friday: lots of sunbathing, shopping, eating, and then dancing! We went to LEVEL nightclub in South Beach and had a fab time dancing non-stop! We got home at about 3 am.

Saturday: Woke up at 5:45 am to bring Sol to the airport; went back to sleep; did more sunbathing, shopping, and eating. In the afternoon, we went to the Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami, walked around, and shopped. Then we headed to the Aventura Mall for more shopping during the evening.

Sunday: Home sweet home! The hubs picked us and we went to my folks' house for some home-cooked dinner. On a bad note: My cell phone fell in the toilet right after I flushed it. Now I have to see if it’ll ever work again…if not, must buy new phone. Shiiite. But relaxed by watching the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle when I got home to New Jersey.

Monday: work…work…work…thank goodness I’m leaving early today for an interview. My computer was locked (because someone tried to get in and couldn’t log on) and they couldn’t assign me a new password until 10 am; I have a ton of stuff on my desk; everyone’s like “you’re always on vacation, you don’t ever do anything” –from people who constantly leave work early and barely do anything!!; and it’s just a big pain to come back after being away. Nevertheless, I did have fun!!

Viva la Mad Women (and my friend Christina who’s an honorary Mad Woman extraordinaire)!!
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