Friday, April 4, 2003

We got the house! Or rather, to be more practical, the owner of the home we put a bid on accepted our offer yesterday morning (after making us toil and wait for 5 days). Yippee! It's a fab (and all-new) feeling to know you're on the road to owning a house. The house is in Fort Lee, on a street around the corner from our old flat in Fort Lee. It's a sweet little colonial with blue vinyl siding, a fireplace, 3 bedrooms, a dining room, 1 full bath (the other full bath is in the basement --a very unfinished basement!), a shed/garage-type thing, and a small backyard. It needs a lot of TLC in order to make it really fabulous, but it has loads of potential! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it enters attorney-review this afternoon.

Today will be a fun day not only because of the house (I'm already wearing jeans today here at work, so I'm being really casual!), but because I'll be getting together with some of my mates this evening. First off, I'm leaving work early (my judge is not in today!) to go shopping in the city. Urban Outfitters, Club Monaco, Barnes and Noble, here I come! Then later on, I'm meeting everyone for dinner at an Indian restaurant in the Columbia U. area. After that, we'll be doing some pottery at this place called Our Name is Mud. It's not really doing pottery as we won't be using the wheel or the kiln or anything...more like a paint your own pottery place. But it should be entertaining since you are allowed to bring alcohol into the joint! Looking forward to it...
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