Thursday, April 3, 2003

Is New Jersey the "armpit of America" as one friend put it? For folks who live here in the East Coast (more specificaly, the Tri-State Area), everyone knows how NJ and NY are very inter-connected. People live in NJ and work in NY; some vice versa; and people in NY sometimes shop in NJ. In any case, both states are connected by a team of bridges and tunnels. However, NJ has a very poor reputation --folks make fun of it all the time for being stinky, being known only for it's turnpikes, factories, and the largest percentage of guidos (e.g., Tony Sopranos). For Manhattanites at least, the very thought of living in NJ is abhorrent, really. But ask yourself why do you think it's that bad? I live in NJ now. Lived in Fort Lee from June 2001 to March 28, 2002. And now I live in Demarest, NJ w/ the hubs and family.

Do I like NJ? Sometimes. I like the fact that it's spacious (e.g., apartments aren't on top of each other; houses aren't on top of each other); the big supermarkets; no tax on clothing; how some areas are very beautiful and picturesque; how some streets are kinda like the city w/ shops and cafes; and how poeple aren't as rushed and it's a slower pace of life in general.

I don't like the fact that people make fun of where I live and don't make an effort to visit b/c they think it's too far; how people ask "why don't you want to live in the city?" (do I have to get into this?); how some friends of mine stop keeping in touch b/c I don't live in the city anymore and I'm the one who has to arrange dinners/get-together; I don't like how I have to drive everywhere and I get bloody lost!!; I don't like the fact that it's very suburban and homogenous (some areas); and I don't like how people express their disdain for NJ w/o ever having lived there. Lastly, I don't like the fact that just because I live in NJ now, some people have a pre-conceived notion that I'm this domesticated, non-cultured, suburban Jersey girl because I'm not.

I live here in NJ now, and will most likely buy a house here because of 1 main reason: 1) because the hubs is insistent on it and doesn't want to live in NY. So I have to compromise. It's not the bad. I wouldn't knock it before you try it. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. One thing I ask is please don't say "Why are you living there?!" or "I would never live there! I hate NJ!" Unless you want my bloody fist up your nose or a swift kick in the arse.
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