Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Inspired by Easter Sunday, I am trying to make new changes in my life. Sort of like a second chance to catch up on New Year’s resolutions. Mainly, I’m trying to eat better. I got this new cookbook/diet plan that focuses on low-carb eating. It’s pretty good because it promotes great eating and shows you how to make meal choices. This one does not say you can’t eat carbs at all, but tailors it to your diet. Of course, this is stuff that everyone knows already…eating right, blah, blah, blah…but it did make me realize that I was eating waaay too much food a day. I consume about 2,500-3,000 calories a day (sometimes more if I eat out and go for drinks), and I should only be eating like 1,500 at that! Ha…no wonder I’m a flabby mess. But it’s not all for aesthetic reasons either… I seriously do want to develop better eating habits because I’d like to be healthy when I get older. I’m also going to the gym again. Maybe by the time my birthday hits, I’ll have Jennifer Aniston arms…

I’m also trying to curb my road rage and not be so snippy to people. It’s just that I like efficiency. I hate people who are slow in driving and slow to pick up on stuff at work. I mean, instead of asking me when something is scheduled…heck, look the damn thing up! Okay…I’m already being snippy. But the point is, I’m trying to be more patient.

I’m so happy I’m be getting a break and going to Miami soon! May 14th! The Mad Woman and company are going to have so much fun. I should go shopping soon and get some cool holiday outfits. All I know is, I’m bringing a stack of books with me and doing lots of snorkeling….can’t wait.
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