Wednesday, April 30, 2003

At work writing a memo. *Yawn* My judge asked me to write a fairly lengthy memo and specifically requested that I make it as long as possible. While I like writing, I don't want to be told to write. Of course, writing and researching memos is part of my job, but it's just a big pain to consolidate all these different cases...summarize them...then compare to your own...argh. It's especially difficult when the cases you are reading are like, 20-plus pages long and are really old. It's just very tedious and I am very tired. Man...I'd love an iced coffee right now. Plus it doesn't help that's still 70-degrees out and sunny. Oh well.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Actually, tomorrow is promising too, because the family is going out for a birthday dinner in honor of Mark's mom. Then we are having a family party on Friday; then I go to a BBQ on Saturday, and then I get to watch X-Men 2 on Sunday! Whoo-hoo!! And of course, by then, this memo would be done...
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