Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Tomorrow is the beginning of LENT and I've decided to give up 2 of the my favorite foods: 1) MEAT (except seafood cuz man cannot live on tofu alone) and 2) COOKIES (in all shapes and disguises). I can do it. A couple of years ago, I tried to give up chocolate and that was a disaster! So I think I chose something much more manageable this time.

Tonight, I'm having dinner with a bunch of my law school friends. I guess I should stop categorizing them as that b/c we graduated from law school almost a year ago. Wow...we are actually lawyers now. In any case, I'm sure we'll shoot the shit about what's going on and all that fun stuff. I'll be the only one coming from New Jersey and the only one married. My contribution to tonight's conversation aside from the "i'm looking for a real job spiel" is..."the hubs & i are saving up for a house". interesting. ack...no time to finish this post....too bad.
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