Monday, March 10, 2003

My Burberry scarf was stolen today!! --I was so pissed earlier today when I discovered that someone stole my warm and toasty cashmere scarf from off the coat rack at work today. The coat rack stands right outside our office door in the hallway, and the only people who really walk through there are "authorized" people like my judge, my co-workers, attorneys, and sometimes, defendants. Someone at work told me, "you're stupid for leaving your scarf out there." Well you know what, I've been leaving my scarf there since winter hit and only today has it been stolen. And heck, I have whittled it down to three key suspects. As it turned out, there were 6 defendants who went to get interviews at our back room (they are generally interviewed to see if they qualify for a public defender, or to assess their background and eligibility for certain programs in lieu of jail time). As it turns out, 3 of these defendants were in for shoplifting. Two of these 3 were women. Surprise, surprise. So it's either any of those 3.

I'm going to investigate further tomorrow and look at the videotapes of yesterday's proceedings...I will get to the bottom of this! And really, it's not so much that my own personaly property was taken. That I can deal with. It's just a scarf (albeit an expensive one) and it didn't have any sentimental value. What I"m peeved about is that whoever took it had the audacity to STEAL from the office of the JUDGE that they were scheduled to appear in front of. Man, talk about balls-y!! Ok, granted, it could've been a co-worker, and I shouldn't point fingers...but circumstancial evidence points to the defendants who were being interviewed in the back room that morning. They had to have passed the hallway on the way out and back into the courtroom. And if it was a co-worker, then why wasn't it stolen a long time ago?

I was just sorely disappointed with people in general today. What hurts the most is that I plan to be a public defender. I haven't had a problem with it before, but today's incident really tests me. But I'll live.
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