Thursday, March 20, 2003

I'm so not into networking. I came back a few hours ago from this Judicial Reception thing that I had to go to with my judge. It was hosted by the Bergen County Bar Association (of which I am a member), and it's kinda like a meet-n-greet sort of thing. The other law clerks and I are were all a bit peeved at the fact that dinner was not going to be provided (only hors d' oeuvres) and it was a cash bar. The only drink that was free was water. I gave a ride to 2 other clerks and told them that I was jetting in an hour and half because the hubs was coming home tonight. I am so not into schmoozing although I know it's essential to anyone's career. My judge yelled at us (in a fatherly way, not in a mean way) to stop hanging out with each other since we see each other everyday..and told us to go mingle. Easier said than done. I've never really been the outgoing type of person. I'm only gregarious and upbeat once I've gotten to know you. I'm more of the shy, quiet type at first impression, though I can get rowdy if the environment's right. In any case, I just talked to the people I know, and met only one new person. The president of the Bergen Women's Lawyers Assoc. She was nice. But I sure do not enjoy schmoozing. One law clerk and I ended up getting to know each better, and made up new pick-up lines for lawyers....Like: "Your motion doesn't look to good, but YOU sure do..." Heheh....corny lawyer humour for you!

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