Thursday, March 27, 2003

A friend of mine here at work is mad at me and 2 others. But what’s worse is that her feelings are totally warranted. I was a bad friend and took her for granted. So for this morning, I’ve e-mailed her a few times to apologize but she has not answered back. I don’t like this feeling. Her anger towards me and the others stemmed from the fact that we had planned to watch a play tonight. She found out and was a bit miffed at the fact that she wasn’t invited. I know that feeling. It was like when I found out my friends went to go see a show without even asking me. The real issue here is the fact that she was excluded from the initial invite to go. Everyone likes being invited. In fact, I’ve made sure to invite all my friends to anything fun I’m planning to do where it be parties, going to a film, eating dinner or whatnot. However, I have failed this person by slowly distancing myself from her and excluding her. How un-fab.
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