Sunday, March 9, 2003

Do you ride hard or hardly ride?

I just got back from a weekend in Mt. Snow, VT. I went with Mark, my friends Girlie & Luke, their dog Tiny (but she didn't go riding =); my friend Grace & her bf Matt; and Matt's 3 buddies from Boston --I just met Matt and the crew this weekend for the first time.

Saturday was fabulous! It was a warm 40 degrees and it was sunny! The snow was ok (machine groomed loose & granular snow). It was very comfortable to ride in those conditions! One of the day's highlights had to be the Palmer X trail. It's a border-cross trail designed for the Anit-Gravity Grail Games (held at Mt. Snow that weekend) with hills and S-curves and a few jumps. It was great! I actually landed a few jumps with a bit of air! Slowly but surely, I am going to land a nice jump with big air! But I may have to get hurt in the process.... which brings me to Sunday!

Sunday was completely different. First off, it was overcast and it was only hovering a little bit above 20 degrees. Then it started flurrying...then it started to really snow. So most of the day was without sunshine. All the trails were icy, and it was very windy!! We had a lot of nice runs in the morning, but that afternoon went awry! Mark, Luke, and I wanted to practice our jumps at Grommet Park (this small terrain park designed for amateur tricksters (i.e., kids!). Mark went first, got some height going on, then fell on his ass and elbow on the landing...*ouch*. He was a bit shaken, but okay. He's still bruised up and hurting though.
Then Luke went, got some really good height going on, then fell on his ass and hit his head on the landing...*double ouch*. We had to call the red-cross/medic folks to get him some medical attention because he couldn't move his neck properly. He had to be put on a brace on a stretcher and brought to the First-Aid shed. And while waiting for the the stretcher, we saw this other girl do a jump and fall as well. She went *bam* down on the snow...pile-driver style on her shoulders and back. It looked really bad. But she was okay, and so is Luke. He got some x-rays done, and got a brand-new neck brace to wear. Other than that, he's as good as new.

As for me, I had no spectacular falls really. I was lucky. I've done some crazy attempts over the past few seasons to warrnat some crazy injuries, but so far, I haven't hurt myself badly enough to be put on a stretcher *knock-on-wood*. So far, I only have a scar on my left shin from falling off a table-top obstacle and a rail, but that's about it.

When we got home this evening, there was a message on our machine from our landlord saying he found new tenants for us (we have a lease until May 2003 but we wanted to move out early & move-in w/ Mark's parents so we could save more money for a house). The message said if we took the offer from the new tenants, we would have to move out on March 28. That's about 3 weeks from today. We have to jump on this offer because we'll be saving some much-needed cash....

I was a bit floored when I heard the message. I'm so going to miss this apartment! I'll miss the fact that Starbucks is right next door to me, I'll miss our privacy, and I'll miss my closet (I have my own!). Most importantly, I'll miss the fact that this apartment is our first "home" in that this is where we lived right after we got married. Just Mark and me and no one else....

To be continued...
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